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Communication Policy

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs has defined its Internet communication policy as follows.

The individual area rules describe conduct and restrictions in electronic communication with the BMDW.

E-Mail Policy

To ensure data security in E-Mail Communications with the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs the ICT department adopted suitable security measures.

BMDW does not accept virus and spam-suspected Mail. Both are eliminated from E-Mail traffic without warning.

For detailled Information on special items see below:

Adressformats for Organisational Units and Staff

Frequency of Checking Mails: Organisational mailboxes of BMDW are intercepted daily at minimum.
The pattern is, where ORG is to be replaced by the Organisational Unit (without dashes).

Staff of BMDW is addressed:
Special characters in names are represented as two characters (ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, ß=ss). Please refer to our Staff-Directory for exact names and correllation to Organisational Units.

Valid E-mail Attachments

In the List of applicable Formats you can find those document formats that can be worked out by every E-Mail receiver in BMDW (including functional and organisational mailboxes); other formats are due to bilateral agreement.

Attachments of executable files (e.g.: .exe, .cmd, .bat, .hta, .mdb, .scr, .vbs, .wsc, .wsv etc.) and files with malicious code are not accepted. Blocked will be futhermore Video- and Audiofiles for entertainment (mpg, mpeg, mp3 etc.).
Sender and receiver of the Mail are notified of eliminated Attachments.

Size Limit

For external e-mails, the total size of incoming as well as outgoing e-mails is limited to 25 MB for performance reasons, in line with the practice of other administration bodies. In general, larger e-mails are rejected, and a notification on this is sent to the sender and recipient. In extreme cases, the server rejects e-mails without any comment in order to meet DoS attacks.

Note: To avoid size limits, compress your e-mail by ZIP or send attachments separately with several e-mails. If this is not possible in a specific case, Ministry staff can send an IT request for one-time exception. Applications that exceed the limit on a regular basis must be implemented by way of data transfer.

Datatransfer Policy

Datatransfer with secured Webserver

BMDW uses web-based https-Transfer for transmission of large-sized data. There are projectbased account-groups consisting of BMDW-staff and external users with the Transfer-Server but no anonymous usage.
Requests for accounts are made by BMDW-projectmanagers.

Applicable Formats are based on BMDW's list of applicable formats
Single document limit is 300 MB.


Division Information Technology: