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Central gateway

The European Commission's proposal for a Regulation from 2nd May 2017 aims to help individuals and businesses reduce their administrative burden on relocation and cross-border internal market transactions. The Central Gateway connects the EU portal level with national portals and aims to provide easy and multilingual access to relevant quality information and assistance. It aims to enable users to complete certain key regulatory services online and to ensure non-discriminatory access to national online procedures for cross-border users.

This should also be the first step in implementing the principle of "Once-Only Principle" in cross-border constellations. Data should be submitted to the administration only once by the user. Thereafter, the administration has to obtain the data itself from the registers and other data sources.

Added value for Austria

The objective pursued by the Central Gateway is the same as that of the government project at national level with the single portal "". It is intended as a central platform to provide access to the most important public authority applications and to fulfil an essential bridging function at the European level and the central gateway.

The European Commission estimates that businesses can save 11 billion Euro to 55 billion Euro annually by providing high quality and easily accessible information online, on nine entrepreneurial issues, prior to cross-border activities.