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Platform Online Economy

On 26th April 2018, the European Commission submitted a proposal concerning the relationship between platforms - so-called intermediaries - and providers (platform-to-business, P2B).

In line with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's letter of intent on 13th September 2017 announcing an "initiative regarding online platforms to ensure a fair, predictable, sustainable and trustworthy business environment for the online economy" improve the functioning of the Digital Single Market.

The objective of the new rules is to create a fair, transparent and predictable business environment for smaller businesses and merchants, who use online platforms to grow their businesses. Companies that will benefit from the measure include hotels, online retailers, app developers, and similar companies relying on search engines to direct Internet traffic to their websites.

The so-called "platform economy" is also gaining importance in Austria. It is important that the large platforms, mostly from third countries, do not misuse their market power to put SMEs under pressure.

An Austrian position on the proposal of the European Commission is being prepared.

Suggestion from the European Commission:

Regulation on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services