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About Us: The BMDW-Portfolio

Fassade Regierungsgebäude Stubenring
The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs; photo: BHÖ / Stefanie Grüssl

The Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs is Margarete Schramböck.

The goal of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs is to further enhance the positive development of the Austrian business location, to actively take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of business and society and to strengthen entrepreneurship. The tasks of the Ministry are performed by various Directorates General with differing priorities.

Digitalisation and e-Government

The tasks of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs include the comprehensive offerings of the e-government sector, the overall coordination of e-government as well as the digital transformation of the economy and society in Austria.

Economic Affairs, Innovation and International Policy

The aim of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs is to improve the Austrian business location, to promote growth and to ensure a sustainable economic recovery. In order to increase the attractiveness of the Austrian business location measures are taken that contribute to the improvement of an enterprise-friendly environment.

European Union and International Market Strategies

Austria is one of the world's leading export countries. External trade policy aims to strengthen the Austrian export sector by ensuring sustainable growth, improved access to new markets and international cooperation. Other portfolios include export control, import licenses, EU subsidies, export and investment policy as well as multilateral trade and investment control policy. Competition policy, internal market issues as well as legislative matters are addressed as well as issues related to sustainability, the representation within international fora like the OECD and the WTO.

National Market Strategies

The BMDW seeks to provide an enterprise-friendly framework and environment. Central issues include improving the competitive strength of companies, safeguarding existing employment and creating new jobs, as well as updating the rules and standards under Austria's Trade Act (Gewerbeordnung, GewO). Moreover, the BMDW is responsible for the sustainable design of apprenticeships and the introduction of new apprenticed trades. Other policy areas include surveying, geo-information and technology.

Cultural Heritage

The Ministry - through Burghauptmannschaft Österreich (an entity managing publicly-owned palaces, castles etc.) - is also responsible for the maintenance and use of Schönbrunn Zoo. The Cultural Heritage area manages state-owned properties and furniture of historical and touristic value.


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