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Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl new Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs

Bundesministerin Udolf-Strobl, Bundespräsident Van der Bellen
Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl and Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen; photo: Carina KARLOVITS/HBF

Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl was appointed Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs on 3 June 2019. She has been working as a senior civil servant for the Republic of Austria since 1986. From 1991 to 1996 she was a member and head of office at the cabinets of Federal Ministers Wolfgang Schüssel and Johann Farnleitner. In 1999 she became head of department, first of tourism and leasure industry, then cultural heritage.

The cultural heritage department was her responsibility until she was sworn in as Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs. Her brief included the maintenance and administration of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Austria, including the palace and zoo of Schönbrunn, and the bodies for public property management, Burghauptmannschaft and Bundesmobilienverwaltung.

Minister Udolf-Strobl completed a translation and interpretation study course at the University of Vienna in 1983, followed by a post-graduate course at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in 1984 to 1896.


Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl: