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Requirements and training of assessors for accreditation procedures

Requirements for assessors

Akkreditierung Austria regularly uses competent persons who act as assessors or technical experts in accreditation assessments of Akkreditierung Austria. The requirements to be met by such assessors are laid down in guidelines (most important: Guides L01, L12). These guidelines as well as other documents necessary for the assessment is available for download in the German language only under Akkreditierung Downloads.

Training of assessors

Akkreditierung Austria offers training courses and follow-up courses for assessors on a regular basis.

Akkreditierung Austria is always interested in attracting competent experts for accreditation assessments!

If you are

  • interested in acting as an assessor for Akkreditierung Austria,
  • are highly qualified/competent in a specific accreditation scope, field or type
  • are capable of performing accreditation assessments in German language
  • are prepared to participate in accreditation-specific training

please send your application according to document A01 and Guide L01 available from the area of the German Homepage under Akkreditierung Downloads.