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Digital Economy and Society Index

Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is an index composed of various indicators. It was developed by the European Commission (GD CNECT) to assess the development of the digital economy and society in the EU countries.

The index collects data on the following five areas:

  • Connectivity
  • Human resources
  • Internet use
  • Integration of digital technology
  • and digital public services
Connectivity - Indicators of DESI

Countries are combined into four groups: leading countries, above -average countries, catching-up countries and receding countries.

DESI 2019 Overview Country Information
Source: Digital Economy and Society Index 2019, Country Profile Austria photo: DESI

Austria's country profile 2019

  • Overall ranking: 13
  • Connectivity: 16
  • Human capital: 8
  • Use of internet services: 14
  • Integration of digital technology: 19
  • Digital public services: 12

Additional Information


Digitalisation and e-Government: