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Digital Economy and Society Index

Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is an index composed of various indicators. It was developed by the European Commission (GD CNECT) to assess the development of the digital economy and society in the EU countries.

Connectivity - Indicators of DESI
The index collects data on these five areas photo: DESI

Countries are combined into four groups:
leading countries, above -average countries, catching-up countries and receding countries.

DESI 2020, Country Profile Austria
Source: Digital Economy and Society Index 2020, Country Profile Austria photo: DESI

Austria's country profile 2020

  • Overall ranking: 13
  • Connectivity: 22
  • Human capital: 9
  • Use of internet services: 18
  • Integration of digital technology: 17
  • Digital public services: 8

Austria ranks 13th out of 28 EU Member States in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2020. Compared to last years’ DESI, Austria’s ranking remained relatively stable. Austria is an above average performer in every indicator of the Human Capital dimension of the DESI (digital skills, software skills, ICT graduates and specialists).


The current COVID-19 crisis is having an important impact on key societal indicators, relating to the use of internet services by citizens. This means a particular attention to the indicators relevant for a stronger and more resilient digital transformation and economic recovery, notably very high capacity networks (VHCNs) and 5G, digital skills, advanced digital technologies for businesses and digital public services. Austria has taken a large number of targeted measures in digital to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Initiatives to minimise contagion and to support the health system include real time compulsory notifications of positive COVID-19 test by all laboratories, chat bots informing about COVID-19 and subsidies for companies. Austria is also active in improving cybersecurity, by e.g. informing about COVID-19 themed phishing or malware emails and fake shops pretending to sell masks and other protective equipment. The possibility of teleworking in the public administration has been increased. As for education, online resources for pupils, apprentices and teachers such as, or have been developed and improved.

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