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ICT in companies

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business processes has become indispensable for companies. According to Statistics Austria, 100 percent of Austrian companies with ten or more employees had access to the Internet in 2017, 98 percent used broadband connections. 86 percent of all companies were present on the Internet with a website, although this still depends on the size of the company. Almost every second company in Austria with more than ten employees is present and active in social networks with its own user profile (46 percent).

In Austrian companies, about 24 percent of all employees are equipped with portable devices that provide mobile Internet access (e.g. laptop, tablet or mobile phone). This is more often the case for employees in large companies (26 percent) than for employees in medium-sized companies (24 percent) and small companies (21 percent).

Additional Information

Statistik Austria: ICT in companies 2018 (German)