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ICT in companies

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business processes has become indispensable for companies.

According to Statistik Austria, more than 99 percent of Austrian companies had access to the Internet in 2019, 98.3 percent used broadband and 79.8 percent had mobile broadband connections. Broadband Internet for high-performance and fast data transfers has become established in companies. 89.5 percent of all companies had a website on the Internet, which still depends on the size of the company. Almost every second company in Austria with more than ten employees is present and active on social networks with its own user profile (59.6 percent).

In the course of crises, the topic of e-commerce is becoming more and more important. According to statistics from Statistik Austria, around 10,500 companies (24 percent) sold goods or services via e-commerce in 2018 with a sales volume of around 88.2 billion euros. About 8,700 companies (20 percent) sold goods or services through websites or apps for around 24.9 billion euros. The share, which was generated via company-owned websites or apps, is estimated at around 20.4 billion euros, while about 4.5 billion euros in sales was generated via marketplaces on the network. To the 2,800 companies (7 percent), EDI-based systems were used to take orders for goods or services, with the turnover generated here in 2018, estimated at around 63.3 billion euros, to be significantly higher than that generated through websites or apps.

Statistik Austria informs that for the first time the question on ICT security has also been included. Ninety-one per cent of companies carry out ICT security measures, with a higher level of awareness of the problem in larger companies as measured by the frequency and number of measures taken.

Additional Information

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