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ICT in companies

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business processes has become indispensable for companies.

According to Statistik Austria, more than 99 percent of Austrian companies had access to the Internet in 2020, 91.8 percent used broadband and 80.9 percent had mobile broadband connections. Broadband Internet for high-performance and fast data transfers has become established in companies. 90.4 percent of all companies had a website on the Internet, which still depends on the size of the company. Almost every second company in Austria with more than ten employees is present and active on social networks with its own user profile (59.6 percent). 38.1 percent of the companies are already using cloud-services.

Especially in times of COVID-19, many companies had to adapt to the changed circumstances in a very short time. Digitization offers advantages in many areas of being able to react flexibly. While computers and the Internet have been used across the board in companies for many years, broadband Internet has also become firmly established as the basis for high-performance and fast data transmission. This also makes it easier to use cloud services, i.e. ICT services that are provided by service providers via the Internet and can be used regardless of location. 38 percent of companies will use such services in 2020, with two out of three large companies (250 and more employees; 66 percent) already using cloud services.

In 2020, questions on the topics of “Big Data”, “Robotics”, “3D Printing” and “Internet of Things” were included in the questionnaire.

Additional Information

Statistik Austria: ICT in companies (German)