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Networked Readiness Index (NRI)

Since 2003, the World Economic Forum has been measuring the ICT readiness of around 140 countries worldwide on the basis of the NRI. The NRI is one of the most important indices for measuring the equipment and use of ICT in a country.

Singapore led the ranking in 2016, followed by Finland. Austria ranks 20th, as in the previous year.

The NRI is structured hierarchically and consists of the sub-indices Environment, Readiness, Use and Impact. Each of these sub-indices consists of ten columns (pillars), behind each column there are several parameters. Each parameter is included in the calculation with the same weighting. The NRI Ranking 2016 shows a ranking of the 139 countries participating in 2016 according to rank values.

The following chart shows a direct comparison of the ranks in the ten columns for Austria, Finland and Singapore.

Networked Readiness Index

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