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eGovernment monitor

Since 2010, the "eGovernment MONITOR", a study by Initiative D21 and ipima, has been investigating annually the current eGovernment situation in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other similar countries. The focus is on usage, satisfaction, drivers and barriers. The study also evaluates various eGovernment options and the attitudes of citizens.

The eGovernment Monitor 2019, which was presented in Berlin on 16.10.2019 and compares Austria with its partner countries Germany and Switzerland, is a very good testament to the domestic e-government. In the report on the state of e-government in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Austria performs excellently in the evaluation of its e-government offerings, despite a slight decline in usage figures. Above all, the Austrian solution with platform and app takes the noticeable trend from the search for information to real transactions into the best account. The acceptance of new principles of modern e-government, such as the use of electronic identities, or the acceptance of the one-time transfer of data to public authorities and their further central use by public authorities (once-only principle), is also much more pronounced in Austria and Switzerland than in Germany.

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eGovernment Monitor 2019 (German)