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Europe 2020

Europe 2020 is a ten-year economic program that was adopted at the European Council on June 17, 2010 on the basis of a proposal by the European Commission in March 2010. As a strategy for intelligent, sustainable and integrative growth, Europe 2020 defines five measurable headline goals that are to be achieved by 2020 and converted into national goals. The strategy focuses on promoting research and development as well as higher education and employment in order to increase economic growth, on better social integration and on promoting environmentally friendly technologies.

Regular reports on the status of implementation and the progress made in achieving the goals take place within the framework of the so-called "National Reform Program", which is presented by each member state together with the stability and convergence program by the end of April at the latest. Both programs (legal basis: "Integrated guidelines": Art. 121 and Art. 148 TFEU) are central components of the European Semester, which aims to coordinate economic and fiscal policy in the European Union.

On the basis of (a) the country reports published in February, (b) an in-depth assessment of the Member States' plans to stabilize public finances (stability and convergence programs) and their policies to promote growth and jobs (national reform programs) and (c) of the outcome of the dialogue with the Member States and other relevant actors, the European Commission presents the country-specific recommendations for each EU Member State.

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