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European Enterprise Promotion Awards

Introduced in 2006, the European Enterprise Promotion Award rewards outstanding achievements in promoting SMEs and entrepreneurship at a national, regional and local level.

The European Enterprise Promotion Awards aim to identify and recognise the most successful promoters of enterprise and entrepreneurship around Europe, showcase and disseminate best entrepreneurship policies and practices, raise public awareness concerning the role of entrepreneurs within society and encourage and inspire potential entrepreneurs.

In addition, the Jury's Grand Prize is awarded to the entry considered the most creative and inspiring for entrepreneurship in Europe.

The projects are evaluated based on the following criteria: originality and feasibility, the impact they have on the local economy, improvement of local stakeholder relations and transferability of the project to other regions in Europe. The winners of the national pre-selection are honoured during the SME Assembly which takes place annually towards the end of the Year (October or November) and is usually hosted by the rotating EU-Presidency.

More information about the annual calls for proposals, pre-selection of projects and the two-phase selection procedure (first phase on national level, the second phase is Europe-wide) can be found on our German website Die Europäischen Unternehmensförderpreise 2021.