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European enterprise policy

The Small Business Act (SBA) represents the first comprehensive European initiative for the sustainable promotion of the growth and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

As is to be expected, the performance of the EU Member States in the various fields of SME policy varies greatly at the national level. Austria attaches utmost importance to consequently improve framework conditions for SMEs, provide access to adequate finance to SMEs, promote the entrepreneurial culture and support SMEs access to markets within the European Union and beyond. Priority areas of SME policy in Austria are amongst others "training and skills" and "smart regulation". Moreover the following areas are considered relevant:

  • Strengthening innovation in all fields of trade and industry
  • Forward-looking education and continuous professional development
  • Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship
  • Cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit
  • Creative industries
  • Improved access to/ participation in standardisation
  • Stronger participation in public tenders
  • Tailored frameworks for one-person businesses
  • Continued support for female entrepreneurs
  • Access to finance and markets
  • Green business
  • Further internationalisation

Please find more information on the European Enterprise Policy on the SBA-Website of the European Commission, DG GROWTH.