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Cultural Heritage

Hofburg Michaelerkuppel aussen
Hofburg Michaelerkuppel, photo: © Stefanie Grüssl / BHÖ


We are a service point that offers a wide range and variety of support services for the economy at large.

Hofburg, Innerer Burghof
Hofburg Innerer Burghof, photo: © Stefanie Grüssl / BHÖ

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs with the Department – Cultural Heritage and the two subordinate agencies:

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich (BHÖ), which is responsible for property administration and construction management of all objects and properties in Austria which are owned by the Republic, and

Bundesmobilienverwaltung (BMobV), which is responsible for managing objects and properties passed from court into federal ownership after World War I. 

We currently manage 102 properties with 425 buildings and 483 other objects (monuments, fountains, enclosures and similar objects) which are part of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Austria and are used by federal agencies, museums or federal organisations, by churches or private individuals. Our service includes an overall approach to construction and property management based on the concept of "created in the past / used in the present / preserved for the future".

Hofmobiliendepot Aegyptisches Kabinett
Ägyptisches Kabinett, photo: © BMobV / Hofmobiliendepot / Lois Lammerhuber

Another service we provide is the management of furniture and fixtures owned by the Republic. Our focus is on movable goods which passed from the monarchy to the State of Austria in 1919. Expert care, maintenance and preservation of these items with their inherent cultural history (such as the imperial furniture in Schönbrunn, the imperial apartments and silver collection at the Hofburg and the imperial furniture collection etc.) guards their cultural, economic, touristic and political value.

Moreover, we represent the owner of Schönbrunner Tiergarten GmbH and Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH. This responsibility needs to take into account the special cultural value of the palace and zoo of Schönbrunn, also as part of the UNESCO’s world cultural heritage, to meet the requirements expected and desired by present and future visitors and with due regard to their business management and social setting (Imperial Austria).

Hofburg Innsbruck Ambras
Hofburg Innsbruck-Ambras, photo: © Stefanie Grüssl / BHÖ / Mit Dank an die BMI-Flugpolizei.

We support all private and public bodies that commission works and services by taking the lead in developing

  • standardised specifications for building works,
  • standard specifications for mechanical and electrical installations, and
  • the monthly building cost indices

and providing them for downloading free of charge from our homepage.


Cultural Heritage - Fundamental Issues: