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Activities of the federal energy consultants

Under Section 14 of the Federal Energy Efficiency Act EEffG, Federal Law Gazette I No. 72/2014 as amended, federal energy consultants have the following responsibilities:


  1. Keeping statistics for the federal administration and end user consumption accounts.
    These include in particular:
    a) preparing survey documents to report energy consumption by the federal administration at the federal offices;
    b) carrying out a plausibility check of the energy-relevant data entered in the survey documents;
    c) entering the data in the energy database module eGISY or its successor module and evaluating the data in rough and detailed analyses;
    d) documenting the monthly energy consumption data and checking energy input by comparisons, and documenting changes in energy consumption in terms of the previous year with due regard to volumetric and climate data;
    e) preparing an annual final report and annual statistics and delivering them to the National Energy Efficiency Monitoring Centre and the energy experts at the federal agencies.
  2. Advising and supporting federal agencies and their energy experts in energy management and energy efficiency, including federal contracting (energy saving service contracts), and preparing an annual monitoring report (for each contracting pool) which, if so requested, is to be furnished to the National Energy Efficiency Monitoring Centre.


The federal energy consultants are authorised to issue energy performance certificates as provided for in the Issuing of Energy Performance Certificates Act of 2012, Federal Law Gazette I No. 27/2012, for federally owned buildings and premises, and to put the energy performance certificate data, which need to comply with the requirements of Section H of the Annex to the Building and Housing Registration Act, Federal Law Gazette I No. 125/2009, at the disposal directly and for free of Statistics Austria for the electronic registration of energy performance certificates in the Building and Housing Register (energy performance certificates database).


Ing. Gerhard Banovics: