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Energy management and energy efficiency

Starting in 1980, the federal energy consultants (formerly known as special energy advisers) have been examining all federal offices (about 1,950) for their optimal, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable use of energy.

Their brief essentially covers the following responsibilities:

  • Survey of the building (shell)
  • Survey of the energy-relevant HVACR systems
  • Consulting and training of maintenance managers
  • Identifying energy-saving measures
  • Evaluation of operating and maintenance contracts for energy systems
  • Consulting to replace obsolete systems and system parts
  • Consulting to change over to alternative (renewable) energy carriers
  • Economic efficiency calculations
  • Thermographic images and their analysis
  • Rough and detailed analyses based on an evaluation of the data from energy consumption records, statistical energy figures and measurements


Ing. Gerhard Banovics: