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For Citizens

Nowadays digital processes are common in nearly all areas of life. They are transforming our ways to communicate, our working life, the education system, business and economy, industry and public administration. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs is proactively accompanying this digital transformation and focusing its priorities so that Austrians get the best possible benefits from it.

Special attention is paid to digital education. That part of Austria's population that so far has not been using the internet should be encouraged to acquire digital competences. Digital literacy is therefore a must on the way in the future.

Another key objective is to respond to changing communication habits of citizens and to improve the digital offer provided by the public administration from e-government to m(obile)government. In order to be able to carry out digital official channels safely and comprehensibly, authorities must be able to determine the identity of the applicant without any doubt. This requires an electronic ID, which is called the "Citizen Card". That tool allows the signature of e.g. contracts with the mobilephone. Please read more at Mobile Phone Signature.

There are some developments of importance for the citizens, e.g. the electronic delivery. The e-delivery is your secure and central mailbox for electronic documents. Once you have registered with an electronic delivery service, you can securely receive documents from different authorities and companies through your free electronic mailbox. Please read for more information at electronic delivery.

Another important topics are to protect the own personal data and to take care by using the world wide web. Please read more at data protection and cybersecurity.

Labour market

Concerns about digitalisation and job security need to be taken seriously. However, digitalisation creates jobs above all: One of the largest e-commerce companies in the travel industry today provides jobs to more than 15,000 people worldwide.

However, some of the job profiles need, to some extent, be better adapted to the requirements of today. The first step towards this is to create 13 new or modernised job profiles enriched with digital content. In the future, there will be job profiles like "e-commerce business person" or "glass process technician".

Specialists in IT, telecommunications and digitalisation are particularly in focus: Every job in the IT sector creates in addition three other jobs.

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