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Mobile Phone Signature

In order to be able to carry out digital official channels safely and comprehensibly, authorities must be able to determine the identity of the applicant without any doubt. This requires an electronic tool that clearly identifies citizens and business people. This electronic ID is called the "Citizen Card". In addition to the ID function, the Citizen Card also offers the possibility of signing documents simply and securely electronically.

There are currently two versions of the "Citizen Card" available:

  • on the mobile phone as a so-called mobile phone signature or Handy-Signatur
  • signature cards such as the e-card

Information: Expiring the e-Card as a citizen card
The new generation of the e-Card can no longer be activated as a citizen card. This applies to all e-cards issued from 1.10.2019 (in addition to the issue date, you can recognize the new generation by the fact that it is usually equipped with your photo). E-cards already activated as a citizen card remain valid until the signature certificate expires or revokes or until the card is replaced.

Applications can be made around the clock, regardless of office hours. This increases the comfort for citizens and businesses. Since the data in the office can be processed electronically, the duration of the procedure can be significantly reduced, and thus reflects the service concept in the administration.

The Mobile Phone Signature and the chip card-based Citizen Card are comparable to an electronic ID card: In this sense, a pass is a concept that can have different characteristics, such as a passport, driver's license, student ID card or membership card.

The Handy-Signatur app

A separate app is a convenient way to use the Handy-Signatur.

In the process, the TAN is not communicated by SMS but in a previously installed app. Another possibility is the "speed-sign" function in the app. Here, the triggering of the signature is done by the scanning of a QR code and thus replaces the manual entry of a TAN.

The use of the Handy-Signatur via app is supported automatically by all services that use the Mobile Phone Signature.

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