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Digital literacy

In addition to technical skills, digital education also means being able to use digital media in a competent and reflective manner and is a key qualification for participation in modern society. Dealing consciously and responsibly with data and critically evaluating sources of information is one of today's basic skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

The business community is very interested in getting workers in the segment 45+ from off-liners to on-liners.

The Digital Competence Pact is an association of business, educational institutions and public administration (Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs) designed to build digital basic skills in the use of mobile services in different target groups.

This group of citizens, which is not embedded in any educational process, will be equipped with digital skills in mobile internet use as part of the fit4internet initiative. Fit4internet helps people to use the rapid digital transformation for their personal and professional development.

fit4internet - planned offers for digital "general education"

  • fit4internet for children/teenagers: Media literacy and critical use
  • fit4internet employed: Acquire basic digital skills - with emphasis on occupational application
  • fit4internet for older citizens, (career-break) returnees: Digitalisation entry-level basic training

However, some of the job profiles need, to some extent, be better adapted to the requirements of today. The first step towards this is to create 13 new or modernised job profiles enriched with digital content. In the future, there will be job profiles like "e-commerce business person" or "glass process technician".

Specialists in IT, telecommunications and digitalisation are particularly in focus: Every job in the IT sector creates in addition three other jobs.

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