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Coordinationboards Digital Administration

Platform Digitales Österreich (PDÖ)

In Austria eGovernment is organised as a cooperation of the federal government, states, cities, municipalities and economy. The "umbrella brand" for eGovernment in Austria is the "Platform Digitales Österreich" (PDÖ), created in 2005 by a decision of the Federal Government, which represents the Federal Government's coordination and strategy committee for eGovernment in Austria.

The agendas of the committees "Koop BLSG" (co-operation between federal and state municipalities) and those of "ICT Bund" are published by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Confederation, O.Univ.Prof. Dr. DI Reinhard Posch (Chair) and Head of Digital and eGovernment, Ing. Roland Ledinger (CEO).


The Koop-BLSG is the core of inter-territorial cooperation in the sector eGovernment. Members of the Koop-BLSG are representatives of the federal government, the federal provinces, the municipal and city union, the economy, the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions and the liberal professions.


The ICT-Bund which is the Federal ICT Board supports the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) with general information and communication technology (ICT) matters. It is at the heart of interdepartmental ICT coordination at the federal level and defines common approaches and strategies and supports the implementation of joint projects. Strategic initiatives are discussed, joint project approaches developed and standards, interfaces and specifications coordinated by the federal government.

The current task of the committees is based on the common strategic objectives and the jointly defined annual work programs. In addition to the already successful "electronic" government solutions, the focus is currently on the further development of "mobile" government. The market penetration of smartphones in Austria has now reached 94 percent. In view of this density, usage has shifted massively towards mobile applications.


Digitalisation and e-Government: