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Project Digital Administration

Digitalisation confronts the public administration with enormous challenges - but it also creates promising opportunities as in the future, digitalisation will enable authorities to design administrative services and processes even more citizen- and business-oriented. The launch of the reform-project "Digital Public Administration" is a first step to address the legal framework so that it incorporates the needs of the digital administration of the future.

The aim of "Digital Public Administration" is to map and offer administrative channels for citizens and businesses as completely as possible in a digital way. For this purpose, the entire planning is geared towards day-to-day situations of citizens, while the organisational logic and the existing competence structure of the authorities should recede into the background. Focusing on these life situations, digitization potentials for administrative services are developed along with a definition and creation of legal framework conditions for interdisciplinary processes. This administrative project - supervised by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) - combines technical, organisational as well as legal aspects and processes. "Digital Public Administration" creates both legal and organisational prerequisites for an integrated and secure digitalisation of the administration. This provides Austria with a reliable framework for the development, testing and implementation of electronic cross-administration processes.

The project will therefore, among other things, create legal prerequisites for the automated provision of evidence (e.g. trade licence, academic qualifications etc.) to realise the "Once Only" principle. Moreover, the exchange of information with ongoing digitalisation projects such as and (business service portal) will be coordinated within the project and regulations of new technologies - such as systems using artificial intelligence - will be further researched in public administration.

The focus of the project is a comprehensive approach across administrative authorities. With this in mind, the BMDW is setting up a project structure that will ensure the involvement of all relevant stakeholders at federal, state and municipal level. It will jointly clarify where and in which way existing administrative regulations in Austria can be updated to be fit for digital opportunities ― so that the country can become a leading digital nation.

The project was started at the beginning of 2019 and will be implemented in 2021 with a regulatory framework in accordance with project objectives as well as legal aspects.


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