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Digital Austria


Digital Austria is the Austrian Federal Governments initiative for a successful digitalisation in Austria. The aim is to consolidate Austrias role as a leading digital nation to guarantee and expand prosperity, job opportunities as well as the quality of life in the long term.


  • Society: Higher quality of life for all generations.
    Information and training shall ensure that everyone throughout the country – regardless of educational background, age or gender – may/will benefit from digitalisation. All citizens will be fit for new technologies in order to improve their quality of life.
  • Economy: New opportunities for growth, jobs and prosperity.
    To strengthen the countries competitiveness further Austrian businesses will be accompanied throughout their digital transformation. To this end, digital pioneers will connect with established companies to increase the knowledge within companies. That way companies will become fit for competition and new jobs will be created in Austria.
  • Public Administration: From father state to partner state.
    Austrian public administration is amongst the best in Europe. To ensure that this development endures, the traditional administrative procedures will be transformed from an electronic to a mobile government model. Administrative services should be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Austria will become a pioneer and a role model within Europe for an innovative and citizen-centric public administration.

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Digital Austria


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