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Notifications of changeover, modification and deregistration

Notification of changeover (link)

A notification of changeover is used to alter the type of coverage: from limited coverage to unlimited coverage and vice versa. When changing from unlimited coverage to limited coverage the information to be given is the same as for an initial notification with limited coverage, i.e. sales figures from organising activities and the confirmation by the tax consultant (see Initial notification and repeat notification). A notification of changeover may be given at any time of the business year.


Calculator (link)

If you decide in favour of limited coverage you can use the calculator to find out the minimum coverage necessary for you based on your sales forecasts.

Notification of modification (link)

A notification of modification is used to report changes resulting from business activities, such as:

  • changes in sales growth and the resulting increase of minimum coverage,
  • a change in the guarantee-providing company (bank or insurer) or settlement agent,
  • a change in contact data.

Reducing the liability coverage is not possible within a business year (outside the repeat notification) because this would result in illegal underinsurance.

Notification of deregistration: notifying the cessation of organising activities (link)

This notification is used to suspend the travel service licence (notification of cessation of organising activities).

Note: This notification does not automatically cause the discontinuation of the trade. If the intention is to entirely renounce exercising the trade the licence may be returned to the local district administrative office, in which case no further action is necessary regarding the travel service licence because it automatically ends when the underlying trade licence is discontinued.

Further information


Please keep your contact information and e-mail address up to date because GISA will send you information and reminders when a notification becomes necessary.


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