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Europe and EU

The European Commission (EC) has been increasingly involved in the development of the "information society" since the 1980s. Learn more about the programs, the bodies and the legal framework in Europe.

Bodies in the European Union

Fundings and programmes

Presidency of the Council of the European Union

The Presidency of the Council of the European Union rotates among the member states of the EU every six months (January-June, July-December). The country holding the Presidency of the Council is responsible for setting the agenda of the Council, chairing the Council Working Groups and all meetings that are not chaired by either the High Representative or the Presidency of the European Council.

The presidency is expected to accelerate legislative and political decisions and promote common solutions between all Members. The presidency is currently (as of July 2019) held by Finland.

18-month-programme of a Trio-Presidency

A 18-month Programme of a Trio-Presidency - the so called Trio Programme - has to be approved at a General Affairs Council and has to come into effect in a short time.

The Trio Programme, which is based on the Strategic Agenda for the Union in times of change from 2014, forms the strategic framework for the work of three presidencies and is divided into thematic areas as a working order.

The work on the EU-Level is furthermore guided by the Annual Programme of the European Commission as well as the respective Presidency Programme.

Additional Information

Commission Work Programmes