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Technical Matters and Surveying

Technology and surveying covers a broad range of responsibilities within the Directorate National Market Strategies of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs. Major aspects include the safety of pressure vessel and thermal engines as well as the emissions of boiler and gas turbine systems. Accreditation and notification of testing, monitoring and certification bodies and the pertinent standards are key to enabling Austria's economy to hold its own in international competition. The focus of electrical engineering is on the safety of plant and equipment, energy consumption, electromagnetic compatibility, and protection of electrical equipment against explosion.
Metrology and verification covers fields such as units of measurement, verification requirements for measuring instruments, accreditation of calibration and verification bodies, and prepackaged products legislation. Surveying focuses on topics as diverse as the register of property boundaries (cadastre), geoinformation and remote sensing, international geodesy, national borders as well as participating in bilateral border commissions and offering technical assistance to the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen).