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Surveying and geoinformation


In surveying, the situation in nature is documented by creating a (simplified) model of the real world and storing it in the form of geographic objects in databases, from which maps can later be generated. The purpose is to use plans, maps and books to represent the conditions, status and use of land and property throughout the entire territory of Austria. This information is required for a vast number of public and private matters.
The tasks resulting from this requirement can be grouped according to these three activities:

  • Control survey
  • Preparation of maps
  • Matters pertaining to the cadastre

The first group includes all basic surveying activities, resulting in data which is used outside the country, i.e. in international geodesy and within Austria in the definition of standard reference points for surveying in detail. The second group includes all activities resulting in the representation of the territory of Austria in the form of a map which fulfils the requirements posed by research and practical use. The third group involves the activities required in order to create and maintain a cadastre listing the individual cadastral parcels.


With the aid of specially structured and centrally managed geodata about the area of the country, important activities can be performed quickly and competently, including analyses of area and space use to support location and investment decisions, and appropriate planning alternatives can be developed. It is possible to link geodatasets with a large number of specialised applications, which thus increases the potential for creating added value through commercial use and consequently makes a decisive contribution toward enhancing Austria’s attractiveness as a business location. Geoinformation is increasingly becoming a valuable business product.

For further information about tasks and products, as well as the projects planned in the area of surveying and geoinformation, visit the website of the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen – BEV) at (only available in German). The legal basis is specified in the Surveying Act (Vermessungsgesetz – VermG), Federal Law Gazette No 306/1968 as amended.


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