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Vocational Training and Skills

VET (Vocational Educational Training) - systems face dynamically growing challenges due to digitization, industry 4.0, climate change and globalization. This has a great impact on the working world and on skills development. Increasing skills requirements demand flexible job profiles at all qualification levels. Apprenticeship-systems have to respond quickly and flexibly to new requirements in the economy, technical developments, digitalization, sustainability and ecology in work and production processes. We have to tackle an increasing demand for qualified workers on the one hand and adapted competences on the other hand. Transversal skills, particularly skills in digitalization and entrepreneurship, are essential.

The Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) is responsible for modernising the landscape of occupational profiles to meet the needs of economy at the best. To be targeted and on time in the implementation of new or modernised occupational profiles the responsible ministries, social partners and companies cooperate vital and unbureaucratically.

In cooperation with stakeholders the BMDW improved apprenticeship training by

  • ongoing modernisation of apprenticeships (digitalisation elements and new apprenticeships as "Application Development Coding" and "E-Commerce-Trading")
  • modularisation of apprenticeships (improved options in combining training modules, facilitates validation of previously obtained qualifications and reacts to the needs of specific industries)
  • integrated vocational training (tailored VET for disadvantaged youth)
  • incentives for training companies (new subsidiation scheme which also takes account of quality in training)
  • supporting internships abroad
  • combination "apprenticeship & Matura" (permeability of education pathways) 

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Vocational Training: