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Apprenticeship in Austria

Depending on the chosen apprenticeship, training can last two, two and a half, three, three and a half or four years.

Parallel apprenticeship

The Vocational Training Act (Berufsausbildungsgesetz – BAG) permits simultaneous training in two apprenticeship trainings (Doppellehre) with one and the same employer qualified to provide such training. The period of apprenticeship training is calculated as follows: halve total period of both trades and add one year, whereby the total time of parallel apprenticeship is not to exceed four years. Parallel apprenticeship is not permitted for related trades that are subject to special regimes, i.e. where training periods may be mutually and fully credited and where one final examination qualifies for additional examination in the related trade.

Modularised apprenticeship

The option of entering training through a "modularised apprenticeship" was introduced in 2006. Such apprenticeships begin with one common basic module to which several main modules are added. Having completed the basic and main modules, apprentices may go on to receive in-depth training in an optional special module. Modular apprenticeships in specific trades offer greater flexibility in training structure and presentation, improve options to combine modules, facilitate recognition of previously obtained qualifications and ensure a better response to industry’s needs through special modules.

Related apprenticeship trainings

Apprenticed trades that use the same or similar tools and materials, or require the same or similar operations, are called related apprenticeship trades (verwandte Lehrberufe).

The extent of relationship is defined in the list of apprenticeship trainings. If trainees change their trade, the training periods spent in the related apprenticeship trade will be credited towards the new apprenticeship either in full or in part. Once the final examination is passed in one apprenticeship, workers have the possibility to take an additional exam in the related trade.

Lehrberufe in Österreich – Ausbildungen mit Zukunft (PDF, 4 MB)(PDF 4,63MB, German) is a lexicon of apprenticeship. Additional you can see also the Overview of all apprenticed trades (PDF 4MB, German), which is currently available to candidates for apprenticeship in Austria.