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Instructors are pedagogically and legally qualified employees of companies licensed to train apprentices. They have proven these qualifications in an instructor's examination or have acquired these qualifications in a special course for instructors. Licensed employers may assume the function of instructors themselves or delegate this function to another person. Instructors must be able to give personal attention to on-site apprenticeship training.


To ensure quality training, the following instructor-to-apprentice ratios apply:

  • no more than five apprentices per instructor who is not exclusively entrusted with training tasks, or
  • no more than fifteen apprentices in total.

Equivalence: qualifications and instructor’s examination

A special decree known as the Ausbilderprüfungsersatzverordnung  (PDF 80,2kB, German) lists numerous examinations deemed to be equivalent to the instructor’s examination. Upon equivalence application (PDF, 80 KB)(cf. § 29h BAG), the Federal Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs may issue an official decision declaring other relevant training backgrounds and credentials equivalent to the instructor’s examination. The Ausbilderprüfungsersatzverordnung decrees regarding those other qualifications which have been found equivalent to the intructor's examination.

Continuing education and training of instructors is financially supported by the federal government. For further information please consult (available only in German).

Additional Information