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International vocational training

International economic integration has grown greatly in recent years and decades. Global business activities are increasingly important to companies, while mobility of labour plays an ever more decisive role. It is for this reason that the accreditation of vocational qualifications obtained abroad, as well as that of internships abroad while training in Austria, is important.

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) cooperates with Member States of the EU/EEA and other countries on numerous initiatives and at various levels to further develop mutual recognition and accreditation of prior learning. Applications completed vocational training (final examinations) may be recognised by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) and made equivalent to corresponding Austrian apprenticeship credentials.

Internship abroad

International vocational exchange placements and internships offer adolescents the opportunity to learn about production and working methods in other countries and widen their cultural horizons. Skilled workers with experience acquired abroad are sought after by companies and help Austrian businesses gain footholds in foreign markets and maintain their position in these markets. Work experience and internships abroad of up to four months per training year are credited towards Austrian apprenticeship training periods.

The IFA Association (international young workers exchange) assists apprentices, pupils and instructors in finding work placements abroad.

Recognition of vocational qualifications

Upon application the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) may declare vocational training credentials obtained abroad to be equivalent to the related final apprenticeship examination taken under the Austrian system. Furthermore the Ministry may declare the admission to a "restricted" practical examination to achieve full equivalence with the final apprenticeship examination.

Based on special vocational training agreements, a number of vocational training credentials obtained in Germany, Hungary or South Tyrol have been declared equivalent. The BMDW will provide the relevant information on request.

Transparency documents - Europass

The Europass is a single document valid throughout Europe; it offers unified structured presentation of training backgrounds and is a means of helping individuals make their qualifications clearly understood and recognised in other European countries. The target is to increase transparency of personal skills and qualifications.

The Europass consists of the following five documents:

  • Europass Curriculum Vitae (single format for writing individual CVs)
  • Europass Mobility (to record skills, qualifications and competences acquired abroad)
  • Europass Certificate Supplement and Europass Diploma Supplement (provide standardised descriptions of the nature and content of courses completed)
  • Europass Language Passport (describes the bearer’s language skills)


Vocational Training: